Sarrix, born Gehan Pubudu Tharanga on February 14, 2004, in the vibrant heart of Sri Lanka, is more than just an aspiring EDM artist and music producer—he's a rising force in the global electronic music scene. His journey into the world of EDM was sparked by the mesmerizing sounds of icons such as Alan Walker, Martin Garrix,Avicii and Blasterjaxx. Inspired by their musical wizardry, Sarrix embarked on his own electrifying path.

Starting from ground zero, Sarrix dedicated himself to honing his craft, immersing in YouTube videos and tutorials, absorbing every iota of knowledge, and refining his techniques to craft a sound that's uniquely his own. His relentless dedication and countless hours of practice became the bedrock of his artistic evolution, pushing the boundaries of his creativity with every beat.

Today, Sarrix stands unwavering in his commitment to music. His ultimate ambition is nothing short of becoming one of the most celebrated EDM artists on the global stage, etching an indelible mark in the annals of music history. Armed with unyielding determination, he's prepared to scale any heights necessary to realize his dream and establish himself as an influential figure in the EDM cosmos.

At the core of Sarrix's musical prowess lies an impressive fusion of technical expertise, an insatiable passion, and a gift for crafting melodies that resonate with audiences worldwide. His compositions are an enchanting blend of infectious beats, hypnotic melodies, and a relentless energy that sweeps listeners into a euphoric trance.

Sarrix's journey is a living testament to the formidable power of self-belief, perseverance, and an undying love for EDM. As he continues to evolve as an artist, venturing into uncharted sonic territories, his unwavering focus remains on the horizon: global stardom. Watch closely as Sarrix continues to etch his signature onto the EDM landscape, destined for greatness in the electrifying world of electronic music.

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"Welcome to the electrifying world of DJ Sarrix, where music transcends boundaries and genres. With a dynamic fusion of sounds spanning from the pulsating rhythms of Bigroom House and the soulful melodies of Progressive House to the gritty energy of Dubstep, the raw power of Trap, and the futuristic vibes of Hard and Future Bass, Sarrix is a sonic architect who knows no limits.

His mastery over the spectrum of Electronic House, alongside a penchant for crafting infectious EDM anthems and Dance Pop grooves, sets Sarrix apart in the ever-evolving landscape of electronic music. Each track is a journey, a story that unfolds through captivating beats, ethereal synths, and mind-bending drops.

Prepare to embark on a musical adventure that defies expectations and ignites the dancefloor. Sarrix's style is a testament to the boundless possibilities of electronic music, and his commitment to pushing the boundaries is matched only by his dedication to delivering unforgettable performances.

Join the Sarrix experience and let the music guide you through a world where genre is but a starting point, and the dancefloor is your canvas. Get ready to groove, elevate, and transcend with Sarrix.

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